Newton’s discovery

Newton's discovery

Newton’s discovery (source:


  • Newton: “I found the gravity!!”
  • Granny: “Asshole!”
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Stealthy Vikings

Stealthy vikings
The Vikings try a sneak attack


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Hearts Of Iron III – game review

Hearts Of Iron III

Hearts Of Iron III (

The game Hearts of Iron III is a real-time strategy game which covers the period from 1st January of 1936, to 31st December of 1948.

The game is very deep and complex, it will seem very boring to those who are not interested in history, politics, strategy, maps and tables, all in one place. Besides game is very slow. Those who are accustomed to the classic type of strategy games will find this boring. Those who play shuters – wont understand this game at all. In Hearts of Iron III the player is ruler of any possible country, that existed in the world during the period form 1936 till 1948, as well as few other countries, if they are released free during game, for example, Scotland, India, Philippines and other countries that were not independent in this period. Continue reading

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Insight into the history of roller skating

Video of beginnings of roller skating back in 1923.

At the end of the video you can seen that already in those days people with roller skates made similar stunts as it is done now (between skating cones). Apparently, roller skating ramps were not discovered yet.

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Third World War – where it could arise

Third World War

Third World War (

How possible is the happening of third world war? Where and when it would stand out? World wars does not begin just from scratch. Causes always builds up gradually over several decades. And even when patience is full to the brim – there is no immediate World War. It starts with a local conflict. If this conflict causes chain reaction all over the world – new world war has begun, but it may also not work this way. Greater chance of such an event is if the starting conflict involves major and equally strong states. This leads to the dicision for other countries of which side to choose.

Here are the possible friction sites that can serve as the first peace of chain reaction, in my view: Continue reading

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